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Contact Lens Solution

Many types of soft contact lenses, such as ACUVUE® Advance, PureVision™ and O2 Optix require contact lens solution for care. Contact lens solution is vital for cleaning and removing protein deposits, disinfecting, rinsing, rewetting and storing lenses. Cleaning solution is immensely important if you want to get the most out of your contacts. Cleaning the lens daily not only improves vision clarity, but it also improves and sustains the health of your eyes.
We offer a selective variety of solutions, all of which are more than capable to meet your contact cleaning needs! To complement the solutions, you should also check out our vast assortment of lens cases. In order to prevent the risk of infection, physicians advise patients to replace their lens case every 3 months.
Introducing Healthy Eyes Multi Purpose contact lens Solution, a more natural way to clean and disinfect your contact lenses. Made with natural plant substrates, it creates a "comfort cushion" around your contact lenses, making insertion noticeably more comfortable. Available in single bottles, 3-packs, and in the convenient Healthy Eyes Lens Care Kit.

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